Regression: Dumbbell bench or supine press

Scapulas retracted and glutes on floor. Will create a natural arch. 

Core tight, exhaling at the top. 

Inhaling before each rep 

Rest: 90 seconds between sides 

Non-working arm raised with fist to create stability. 

Core braced, hips working to keep body stable. 

Inhaling at the bottom, exhaling at the top. 

Rest: 90 seconds seconds after each full set

Assisted or non-assisted. 

Recommended: through time and progression, start the first one or two sets with assistance. 

If you use resistance bands to assist you, you can gradually decrease the amount of resistance you use. 

If you’re using an assisted pull up machine, wait until you can do half your bodyweight for 6-8 reps. 

It is normal to not increase PR every week in pull ups. Stay consistent every week and it will come!

Rest: 120 seconds 

Can use cable or band. 

2 second pause at the bottom of each rep. 

Not letting elbows go past 90 degrees each rep. 

No swinging. Weight where reps are slow and controlled. 

Rest: 90 seconds 


Neutral spine with a posterior pelvic tilt (no arching lower back, but rather tucking hips in). 

Can use a band under torso for assistance 

Progression: loaded push-ups 

Rest: 90-120 seconds


                                                 Torso at 90 degrees. 

Light weight to avoid swinging momentum.

Core tight and braced. 

Rest: 60 seconds 

Seated to avoid gaining momentum. 

Lightweight and in a ‘scooping’ motion. Going halfway up, back down, and back up into a full chest fly. 

Rest: 90 seconds 

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