There will be a lot of changing directions and adding power into the same compound movements we do during the week. 

Untraditional cardio! 

4 sets each block. Reps will be varied depending on workout. 

Rest 30 seconds between each exercise. 2 minute rest after each block. 

4 depth jumps each side. 

This is about being able to control and prepare for landing. 

Going into vertical jumps to learn how to take impact and change directions. 

Medicine ball to remove momentum from swinging arms and getting power solely from lower extremities. 

Core tight entire movement. 

Picking feet up off the ground every time you sit down to get full power when feet are placed back down to jump. 

Exhaling as you go into your jump. Inhaling before each jump. 

Neutral grip for dumbbells. 


4 change of directions each side. 

Working the sagittal plane of motion and learning how to change directions and quickly generate power.

6 forward, 6 backwards. 

Core tight the entire movement. Core being braced is the way to maintain the bear crawl stance with proper form. 

Using the core to bring arms and legs up. 

Using core as the main stabilizer. 

Learning how to use the core to stabilize with counterbalanced weight. 

Maintaining good breathing patterns. Core braced. 

Using knee drive for power. 

Core braced entire movement. 

Exhaling as you push up. Inhaling before each press. 

Use lightweight when working for power. 

Gaining power from head to toe. 

Not about doing reps as fast as possible, but allowing yourself to reset between each slam. 

Getting core braced, inhaling & bracing core, exhaling and throwing the ball. 

Doing this will full coordination. 

Split squat stance and core braced. 

Exhaling at the top of each press as you release. Inhaling before the start of each press. 

Can add plate to band for a more unstable environment. 

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