This is about teaching one side of the body deadlift form while still using the opposite side for assistance. 60% on working side, 40% on non-working side. 

This will transfer over into all your hinge movements. 

This is a full body movement, meaning every muscle must work together to get the job done. 

Core braced through the entire movement. 

Exhaling at the top and inhaling before each rep. 

Rest: 45 seconds between each side. 120 seconds between sets. 

Can use assistance if needed 

Recommended: doing first one or two sets without assistance as you progress. 

If you’re using an assisted pull up machine wait until you can do half your bodyweight for 6-8 reps 

If you’re using resistance bands, you can gradually decrease the amount of resistance you use. 

Rest 90-120 seconds 

Can use band or cable machine. 

2 second paused at the top of the row. 

Slow and controlled row avoiding excessive yanking. 

Exhaling at the end of the pause as you release. Inhaling and bracing core before each rep. 

Rest: 90 seconds 

Doing one full bicep curl, coming down halfway, going back to the top to full bicep curl, and back down to starting point. 

This is about increasing time under tension. 

Picking a weight where the 12 reps can be done without excessive swinging and yanking. 

Core should be stabile. Exhaling at the top of each rep. Inhaling before the beginning of each rep. 

Rest: 90 seconds 

Another full body movement. Using the core as a primary stabilizer. 

Exhaling at the end of each row. Bracing and inhaling before you start each set. 

Rest: 90 seconds 

Doing in the supine (lying on back) position ensures correct range of motion. 

The floor will come as a correction to where any more range of motion would be incorrect or a way to trigger shoulder pain. 

This will also restrict gaining  momentum from any part of the body. This will shift all of the pull to the deltoids. 

This pulling motion is very beneficial to healthy shoulders. 

Rest: 90 seconds

Slight bend in knees to avoid excessive momentum. 

Not fully locking out elbows.

Not fully locking out knees. 

Exhaling at the top of each rep. Inhaling before each rep starts. 

Rest: 90 seconds

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