Regression: double KB sumo deadlifts 

Working with triples, which means only working on sets of three. This will avoid you fatiguing your muscles before you get the chance to hit your personal record.

Record this weight at the top weight so you know you know your percentages and weight you can do for reps. 

Still going up weight each set.

Core tight

Lats engaged

Hips to shoulders move together as one unit, avoiding hips coming up first

Proud chest at the top, exhaling on the way down

Inhale before coming back up

Rest:  3-4 minutes 

Can use barbell, pre-weighted EZ barbell, or neutral grip DB reverse lunges. 

Regression: DB split squats 

Keeping core tight, focusing on form, and staying stabile. 

Exhaling on the way up, inhaling and bracing core before we set the foot back out for the next rep. 

Rest: 30-45 seconds between sets. 2 minutes between sets. 

Focus on keeping non-working leg in correct form. 

Think of a knee dive at the top of ever thrust. 

Still focusing on not having an anterior pelvic tilt. 

Your thrust could even feel stronger as single leg. 

Make sure to focus on lockout and exhaling at the top of each thrust. 

These will burn… a lot. Push through. It is only a couple seconds of your day!!

Core right entire movement, especially the eccentric. 

3 second eccentric (downward phase). 

Completely resting on the box, slight swooping motion. 

Box at height of hip crease at parallel or slightly below. 

Exhaling on the way up and inhaling on the way down. 

Rest: 90 seconds 


These are very difficult. Feel free to treat each set as an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) each set. 

Exhaling on the release and inhaling before each rep.

Slow and controlled reps. Keeping hips up and tight every rep.

Rest: 90 seconds 


Can use band or cable. 

Focusing on one leg at a time.  Mind muscle connection and only recruiting adductor muscles. 

Rest: 60 seconds 

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