Regression: Pre-weighted barbell or dumbbell paused goblet squats. 

Working at 50-60% of our 1 rep max on our barbell box squats. 

The pause at the bottom will be for 3 seconds. Make each second count.

One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand. 

Core braced the entire time, especially the eccentric and isometric hold. 

Inhaling before the decent and exhaling on the way up. 

Can go down on weight as much as you need. The pause at the bottom is supposed to feel good on the hips, rather than painful excessive stress. 

Pick weight accordingly to what you know your 1 rep max is. 

Rest: 120 seconds 

Regression: Pre-weighted barbell or dumbbell 

Going up one full rep, going down a quarter of the way, then back up to full hip extension. 

This is about putting the glutes under a longer contraction period in the shortened phase. 

These will not be fun, but it is only a few seconds of your day. 

Pick a weight where you can go all 12 reps will full hip extension & lockout. 

Avoiding anterior pelvic tilt. 

Chest should not be facing the ceiling at the bottom of each rep. 

Move the body as one unit to bring weight up & down. 

Scooping hip in at peak hip extension to get a strong lockout position. 

Rest: 120 seconds 

Adding dumbbell is optional if you feel you can handle the extra challenge. Otherwise, do these bodyweight to become comfortable with the movement. 

Totally okay to do the first 1,2,3 sets without weights, and try to add some on at the last couple of sets. 

Regression: regular bench/platform dumbbell bulgarian split squats

Using bands as a platform for the elevated rear foot. 

This will create an unstable environment requiring additional core, hip, and knee stability. 

Use the entire body for this movement. Focusing on balance and moving the body as a unit together. 

These will be challenging, but will be something you get better at every set. 

Rest: 45 between each side. 90 seconds between each set. 


Regression: no deficit 

These are the best to really focus on form and mind-muscle connection. 

Using double overhand grip always, but especially during this movement. 

Core braced and spine neutral entire movement. 

Exhaling at the top of each rep as you release. Inhaling and bracing core before each set. 

Engaging our lats to keep upper posterior chain stabilized. 

Picking weight that allows us to perfectly execute form for all 15 reps. 

Deficit allowing us to have a deeper range of motion. 

Can stand on plates or blocks. 

Make sure it allows space for you to have the proper stance and the proper space in the middle to allow easy path for KB’s. 

Rest: 90 seconds 

Regression: lateral stationary lunge 

No going past 90 degrees. Taking care of joints by not putting excessive stress on knees. 

Follow to where your mobility allows. Going deeper than that is not beneficial. 

As you progress and your hip mobility improves, you’ll naturally find yourself going into a deeper natural lateral lunge. 

Control the eccentric, bracing your core the entire movement. 

Exhaling as you release and inhaling before you start each rep. 

Rest: 30 second between sides. 60 seconds between sets. 

There will be 3 five second pauses total. 

Controlling each rep and really feeling the mind muscle connection. 

Rest: 90 seconds 


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