Regression: pre-weighted barbell push press. 

Using knee drive to bring weight above head. 

This is about learning how to get the weight above. This will transfer into your military presses and dumbbell shoulder presses. 

Core tight entire movement. Exhaling at the top of each press as you release, and inhaling before each push. 

Rest: 120 seconds 

Sub for DB’s

Keeping scapulas retracted. 

Doing chest press in the lying position ensures no excessive range of motion which will reduce the changes of experiencing shoulder pain. This will also help you get the feel of how far you should be going down during normal bench presses. 

These will transfer into your bench press. Training arms individually ensures each side are equally strong, making sure one side will not be taking over the lift when both arms are working together. 

Core engaged entire movement. Exhaling at the top of each press as you release and inhaling before each press. 

Rest: 120 seconds 

Neutral spine with a posterior pelvic tilt (no arching lower back, but rather tucking hips in). 

Can use a band under torso for assistance. 

2 second pause at the bottom of each push. 

These will be hard. This is about controlling our reps and learning how to increase the time under tension to get our body used to the action of push ups. Training each phase of the push up will progress us in normal bodyweight push ups. 

Do not skip. This is essential. 

Progression: loaded push-ups 

Rest: 90-120 seconds 

Can use assisted machine or bands under knees for assistance. 

Progression: weighted tricep dips 

Regression: tricep dips off the bench.

Keeping core tight entire movement. Elbows not going past 90 degrees. 

Keeping weight in triceps and making sure to know fulling lockout elbows at the top of each rep. 

Rest: 90 seconds


Core contracted through entire movement. Avoiding getting momentum through the knees. 

Using a weight that is light enough to avoid excessive swinging, but still challenging. 

Slow and controlled all 12 reps. Exhaling at the top as you release and inhaling before each rep.

Rest: 90 seconds 

Can add plate on resistance band to create a more unstable environment. 

Split squat stance to create stability. Hips and core engaged. 

Using a weight that avoids 

Exhaling at the top of each press and inhaling before the beginning of each press. 

Core engaged the entire movement. 

Rest: 30 second between sides. 60 seconds between sets 

Can use band or cable 

Knuckles facing the ceiling. Slow and controlled reps, not allowing the elbow to go past 90 degrees. 

Rest: 60 seconds 

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