Regression: double KB deadlift or resistance band 

Staying at  70% of your 1 rep max perfecting form and control at this weight. 

Soon we will program doing this weight for higher reps as your 1 rep max will increase through training.

Being careful to make sure hips do not rise first. 

Exhaling on the way down, core braced the entire set. 

Inhaling before coming up each rep. 

Proud chest at the top. Neutral spine through entire movement. 

Head to hips move in sync through entire motion. 

Rest: 2-3 minutes

Can use assistance if needed or supinated pull downs 

Recommended: doing first one or two sets without assistance as you progress. 

If you’re using an assisted pull up machine wait until you can do half your bodyweight for 6-8 reps 

If you’re using resistance bands, you can gradually decrease the amount of resistance you use. 

Rest 90-120 seconds 

Wide stance to allow natural path for KB to give you full ROM (range of motion). 

Avoid using a weight that will cause you to “yank” to compensate. 

This should be a slow and controlled movement. 

Core tight to avoid putting too much stress on lower back. 

Exhaling on the eccentric (downward phase), inhaling and making sure core is braced especially during the concentric (working/upward phase) 

Rest: 90 seconds 

Regression: Using band under torso for assistance. 

Progression: Using band over torso for additional resistance 

Core tight entire movement. 

Exhaling as you come down. Inhaling before you come up each rep. 


Palms facing inside of the attachment. 

If using band, use a “pull apart motion” at the end of each rep. 

Underhand motion to increase activation. 

Core tight to avoid yanking and using momentum. 

Playing around with foot placement is okay. 

Rest: 90 seconds 

Using a weight that avoids swinging. 

Core tight and hips tucked in.

Going down weight last 2 sets as “back off sets”. 

This is a good way to implement progressive overload. 

Starting at a challenging weight while biceps have energy. Last two sets focused on working at a lower weight % for endurance reps. 

Rest: 90 seconds 


No rounded back. Using lower back to bring ourselves up. 

The burning sensation is normal. 

Core tight to avoid swinging and using momentum.

Can opt out of using dumbbell if you are still uncomfortable with the movement. 

Rest:  60 seconds 

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