Completely sitting down onto box. Slight rocking motion. 

Box should be wherever your hip crease is at parallel. Can use plates to customize box heights to your height specifically. 

Core tight entire movement, bracing core especially on the eccentric (downward phase). 

Exhaling the concentric phase, when coming up from the box. 

Working at 50-60% of 1RM. 

As you begin to train at this % for endurance reps, your 1RM will go up. Be prepared to not work at the same weight every time we train at this percentage. 

Rest: 120 seconds 

Regression: double KB stiff-leg deadlift 

Same concept as a Romanian deadlift (RDL), but this lift is traveling past knees and touching the ground. 

Just like a conventional or sumo deadlift, this lift starts from the ground. 

Straight legs through entire movement, knees are not locked. 

Can use plates to shorten ROM if the range without plates is too excessive. 

Core braced entire movement to avoid adding too much stress to lower back. 

Exhaling as you come up (concentric phase), inhaling as you go down (eccentric phase). 

Rest 90 seconds 

Heels of non-working foot at toes of working foot. 

70% of weight on working foot, 30% on non-working foot. 

Exhaling at the top of each rep, bracing core and inhaling at before coming up into each rep.

Playing around with foot  placement until comfortable is okay. 

Rest: 30-45 seconds between legs. 90 seconds after both sides. 

3 second eccentric (downward phase). 

Dumbbells at neutral grip. Proud chest entire movement. 

Choose a weight where you can control your eccentric and not just drop down into the split squat. 

Core tight. Bracing through entire movement, especially during the eccentric phase. 

Exhaling at the top and inhaling before going into each rep. 

Rest: 30-45 seconds between legs. 90 seconds between sets. 

Sitting deep enough where your leg is at 90 degrees. 

Bracing core and remembering to breath. 

Non-working leg up and straight next to working leg. 

You can do this. It is only a few seconds of your day! 

Rest: 90 seconds after both legs 


This is not about swinging the leg up and down, but instead contracting the glutes and abductors and using those muscles to bring the leg up. 

Completely putting your weight on the bench to ensure you are not gaining momentum from anywhere but the working glute. 

This will burn horribly.. sorry in advance 😉 

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